"...his presentation skills and rapport with

those assembled allows a true spiritual

connection to be made."

Pastor, UMC (MA)

"I am hearing story after story of how the

concert and testimony positively impacted

the lives of people in our congregations"

Pastor, LCMS (CA)


"we're thrilled with how God enabled us to

reach our community by partnering

with George"

Pastor, Four Square (CA)

"I would highly recommend him

to any Christian congregation"

Pastor, LCMS (PA)


"He is a man of God and it shows all the time.

We look forward to his next visit."

Deaconess, Congregational, CT

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"His testimony is hard-hitting and demonstrates the piercing grace of God that reached into the heart of

a lost and broken man."

Pastor, CRC, (MA)

"His anointed singing, preaching, and testimony will bless your people. The lyrics of his own music are outstanding. He has an open invitation

to our church to come back."

Pastor, A/G (DE)


"As a pastor I have been asked too many times if there is any hope for a given situation.

George’s testimony demonstrates that with God there is always hope."

Pastor, LCMS (VA)


 "He definitely has a gift from God that comes

through in his music. The personal testimony

was very inspiring and I feel he offers a great

overall message that is greatly needed in our

day and age. We would gladly recommend

George to any church...

Pastor, SMC (SC)

"There was a true spirit of humility with the man...

I would highly recommend him and we hope to have

him back next year."

Pastor, ABC USA (NJ)

"...awesome and anyone who missed it ... missed it!  Highly recommend and can't wait for you

to come back!"

Pastor, Vineyard (GA)

George Tifft is the real deal!

His life testimony was riveting and resonated with everyone.

CR Ministry Leader



"an extraordinary musician who has a

real love for the Lord Jesus."

Pastor, LCMS (CT)


"I would highly recommend George to any

church, but especially to those churches

in need of witnessing what a Christ-centered,

God-loving witness can do..."

Pastor, UMC, (CT)

"The generosity of your spirit and the joy

of the relationship you and Cindy have

together added to the blessings of your music.

I hope you will bring your music to our

communities again next year."

Pastor, UMC, (ME)

"...an excellent witness and amazing teller of the Good News of the power of Jesus the Christ. His energy is captivating and his music is refreshing!"

Pastor, (FL)

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